BEST LEARNING Shake & Learn: Alphabet Set

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Shake & Learn: Alphabet Set

A playful shaking toy with interactive cards! Insert a card then press or shake it as it will play music, voices, and sound effects with flashing colorful lights at the same time! In this set, children will learn about the alphabet related to objects, animals, instruments, transportation, and much more!

Tillywig's Review

"This extraordinarily fun, interactive toy lets young ones discover and learn while exploring letters, words, animals and music. The colorfully designed Shake & Learn device captivates kids' attention and stimulates the development of a variety of skills through sights, sounds and physical activity. Turn on the device and it immediately invites you to insert any of the 13 double-sided plastic cards that come with the set, each of which displays a different letter of the alphabet and an object or animal that starts with that letter. In Read Mode, the child inserts a card and can then either shake the device or press the Read button to hear the content read aloud. In Quiz Mode, the youngster is asked to find and insert a specific card, identifying it either by letter, word or picture. Music Mode offers 10 lovely melodies to play, and shaking the device during a song produces funny sound effects. Shake & Learn Alphabet is a wonderfully entertaining way for children to develop creativity, imagination and motor skills while expanding their knowledge of letters, words, animals and the world at large!"



BEST LEARNING Shake & Learn: Alphabet Set
  • 3 activity learning modes.
  • Learn the alphabet and vocabulary with 13 durable plastic learning cards.
  • Learn about animals, vehicles, objects, and musical instruments.
  • Learning and playing with colorful blinking lights.
  • Challenge yourself with quiz mode.
  • Play a variety of wacky sounds by shaking.
  • Play 7 fun music.




BEST LEARNING Shake & Learn: Alphabet Set
  • Alphabet
  • Words
  • Animals
  • Music
  • Problem Solving
  • Memory
  • Dexterity
  • Concentration
  • Motor functions
  • Creativity and Imagination



Creative Child Preferred Choice & Product of the Year Award Winner 2019!
Academics' Choice & Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner!


Product Dimensions 6.57 x 3.35 x 1.38 inches
Item Weight 11.5 ounces
Recommended age 1 year and up
Batteries 2 AAA batteries (included)